List of products by manufacturer Anna Cecere

The clutch is a precious coffer, a repository of dreams and desires, passion and emotions. Italian tradition merges with Cecere family’s great experience in the world of evening and luxury, bringing to life a collection in which dreams and reality take place.

Women first and then designers, first curious and then creative: this is the story of the Cecere sisters and their passion for accessories and their mastering of the intricate craftsmanship art that is such an indispensable ingredient of the "made in Italy" allure.  Fashion as a stimulus and never as a protocol to be followed blindly. The result: ever new objects that find a predilection and a “raison d’être” to stand by your side by marrying your particular style, not the one decided by others. The colors are words, the forms complete sentences: it is up to you to combine them into a poem or a compelling tale.

Anna Cecere’s clutches secret is in their eternal beauty. Accessories are designed to be absolute stars of fashion, destined to leave their mark. Elegance and style as a choice of character, beyond temporary styles and fashion trends. Not simply clutches, but jewels for outstanding women.