Casual and elegant dresses

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131,15€ 91,80€ (TaxFree: 91,80€)

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196,72€ 137,70€ (TaxFree: 137,70€)

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Satin top dress with jacket

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Black and white graphic patterned long cotton dress

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Beautiful Sonia Pena cocktail skater low cut dress, white and red striped mikado satin silk, closed behind by red laces, scarf includedlow cut evenin

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Elegant classy and young Sonia Peña outfit, black dots chiffon blouse and shantung lurex withe large longuette skirt with big back dots and pockets

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Stunning pink and black formal dress suit, sheath brocade satin dress and pink jacket, perfect wedding outfit for the mother of the bride

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Gorgeous beige formal dress with precious shiny black brocade skirt and hunging shantung silk jacket with mesh and plumes flower

754,10€ 527,87€ (TaxFree: 527,87€)

Precious dress suit with in blue organza sheath sleeveless dress and shantung silver lurex white jacket, rhinestones button

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Gorgeous Sonia Pena Scarlett collection low hearted neck sheath dress with removable large skirt, with a beautiful royal blue roses pattern

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Gorgeous lurex silver lace shealth dress and mikado blue jacket

487,70€ 292,62€ (TaxFree: 292,62€)

Very elegant dress for special occasions, sheath dress made of fine beige lace with blue and gold embroidery, rhinestone and organza brooch, and a bodycon royal blue jacket. Scarf included

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Delicate satin beige sheath dress with fine pale blue embroidered tulle long jacket

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Gorgeous Sonia Peña satin blue marine sheath dress and jacket, with floral print skirt

360,66€ 216,39€ (TaxFree: 216,39€)

Sonia Peña royal blue long chiffon mesh sleeveless, fine beads and crystal stones embroidered belt, diva design, perfect body shaping

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Teal satin sheath dress with wide round neckline in front and behind, and sequined lace skirt, chanel jacket with silk flower

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Teal satin sheath dress with wide round neckline in front and behind, and sequined lace skirt, chanel jacket with silk flower

524,59€ 314,75€ (TaxFree: 314,75€)

Beautiful blue satin dress with lace overlay bodice at the base pink and sheer sleeves effect bolero, belt of pink chiffon

426,23€ 255,74€ (TaxFree: 255,74€)

Long sleeveless caftan dress Fuegolita black chiffon floral printed large Fuchsia, green, Orange and blue. V-neckline with strass and studs embroidery 

213,11€ 106,56€ (TaxFree: 106,56€)

Sonia Pena long pink organza dress, evening gown with big back bow, rip and train, scarf. It is an hommage to Marylin Monroe and the main divas of the '50s

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Confortable sheath sleeveless black jersey dress with chains pattern and gold chains on the shoulder, high waisted draped skirt.

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Sonia Peña royal blue long chiffon dress with short sleeves, fine mesh beads embroidered skirt, plus size design for perfect body shaping

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Evanescent Sonia Peña pink mesh long skater dress

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Ethereal Sonia Peña lurex skater dress, pale green fine mesh

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Light rose Sonia Pena skater dress and bolero

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White dress and duster coat

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